Thursday, April 3, 2014

Close Up Views of the Spring Garden

By the front door. 

Crimson Flowered Fava beans. I just love this plant! It is stunningly
beautiful, has the most heavenly scent and (if I am lucky) gives me
seeds to save for next year. 

Pipevine plant. I added this plant to the butterfly garden because
Pipevine Swallowtails use this plant exclusively to host their caterpillars. 

Overloaded peaches on the tree. I need to thin. I have been working
on it, but all the limbs are covered that completely, and it is
taking awhile to get it done. 

Overwintered Swiss Chard with garlic in the center. I covered
the Chard over and over during the winter, and am hoping to
save seed. 

In the Garden Now April 2014

Occasionally, I post pictures of the way the garden looks right now. The last time I did this was May 1, 2013.

It was a hard winter, and many of my garden plants died. I also added many things to our little property. I think it's time for another one.

The Butterfly Garden by the front door. Notice the butterfly stepping stones
my kids painted and the old bird bath at the back of the picture. That
old bird bath has been painted and contains two types of mint.
The green in the front left is all Easter lilies. The green in the badk
left is lemon balm. 
I added the border to this bed a couple weeks ago. The green at the top
is oregano (with dianthus in the middle). The rest of the bed had
to be completely replanted. I lost everything that was here. It has
daffodils, renunculus, freesias, echinacea from Melissa at Ever Growing Farm, and some
baby zinnias.

The most up-to-date view of the peach tree with the new strawberry bed. 

Braeburn apple. 

Paw Paw tree. 

Pineapple guava.
 Do you think this pineapple guava will live? It's hard to tell from the picture, but there is a lot of brown on the older leaves. I covered it every time it got even moderately cold, but it still looks very burned and weak.

Hazelnut tree. 

The newly added garden beds. The orange you can see
is potato grow bags. 
 The hazelnuts, pawpaw trees and the pineapple guavas are all really small. I have the tomato trellises around them to keep the kids and their friends from stepping on them.