Sunday, November 3, 2013

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

Last night, I was taking my kids' friends home after dark, and happened to see a garage sale still going on. What?

I went ahead and took the kids home. When I went past the place again, they were still there. And they had canning jars. It seemed to me that they had a LOT of them in my glances as I drove. So my kids and I stopped.

I asked about the canning jars. They were waiting for someone to come back after them. They had been waiting on this person all day and were weary of waiting. "How much did they pay?"  I asked.  Oh, nothing. These people had just been going to give it to the person, but she just wouldn't come back.

I said, "I'll pay $20."  That was all the cash I had in my purse. They looked at each other and said, "Sold." They started helping me put the canning jars in my car. My kids helped. I helped. We stacked. And we stacked. And we stacked. I had no idea that there could have been THAT many when we started.

I ended up getting 126 canning jars and a brand new, unopened box of wide mouth jars and lids--for only $20.

Some of the many canning jars I got last night

It was totally AWESOME!!! I was so excited that I could hardly stand myself. And the people were glad, because it got rid of something they thought of as worthless clutter. And I paid them for it when some other person was trying to scam them into giving them for free. But wasn't willing to come back to pick them up.


  1. What a bargain! A gardening friend recently moved out of town. I went over to her house and among her other stuff she was selling/giving away she had set aside 7 boxes of new and used canning jars. "I've save them for you." I asked her what she wanted and she said $5. Done deal. I was quite pleased. Love to hear that you make biscotti! I'm Lynda of ourhappyacres!

    1. Yea! I was glad to read that you are making biscotti, too. I am glad that you got a good deal from your friend on canning jars, too.

  2. Good score! Funny how one person's worthless clutter is another person's money-saving find. Good for you. I'm planning to post about it, but since it is related I will share now. Matt and I got hundreds of dollars worth of lumber from a friend who is opening a new sandwich shop and doing some remodeling of the building. She posted a photo on facebook of a huge dumpster piled with wood. I immediately chimed in that I'd love to take it. She was just going to landfill it so she told me to go right ahead. So Matt and I went and pulled it from the dumpster and have started in on some building projects we'd kept putting off because, well, lumber is expensive! It was such a great score. Like yours. Trash to treasure!

    1. I SO love when that happens. I love it because it's free, but I love it because something useful is saved from landfill, too. :)