Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Garden Right Now

I don't post as much as I used to.

I thought it would be nice to post a few pictures of the garden right now, though.

This is my front yard garden by the garage. This is also my favorite
garden. Currently, it has some red flowered fava beans, milkweed,
cardinal's cap, celosia, and nasturtiums in it. Along the trellis are
green beans, vining nasturtiums and passion vines. 

This is the Twenty Foot Garden. In front of the box, is Swiss Chard.
In the garden box itself, I have Ruth Bible beans and Lousiana
Purple Podded Pole beans, regular and cherry tomatoes, a
Tromboncino zucchini, 6 cucumbers, 24 okra in 3 varieties and
Mississippi Cream peas. 

This is the bed by the front door. I have Easter lilies coming up
everywhere, but they haven't bloomed yet this year. There is lemon
balm and thyme in the bed and the purple things are ornamental
cabbages. The bird bath on the ground is for butterflies. They use
wet sand to get their drinks and salt intake. 


  1. I have noticed that a lot of the garden bloggers have not been blogging as much in years past, and that includes me. I have just been swamped with the new house and getting projects done. I have been planting a garden as I can see you have too and I hope to blog more frequently.

    I remember that same runner bed from last year. Hope all is well.

    1. You are right. Many of my favorite garden bloggers aren't blogging as much as they used to. Life just keeps moving on and on.

      Yes, it's the same runner bed as last year. I have added a bunch of pollinator and hummingbird plants since last spring. It's just a great bed. I really like it. I just wish my other front beds looked as good.

  2. That's a good variety of peas and beans you are growing, not to mention the okra. And just look at all that lawn you potentially could turn into raised beds....

    1. Some of the lawn in that picture of the 20 Foot Garden is my neighbor's, but you are right. I need to expand the garden.

      I would like to, I really would. Much of my land doesn't get very much light, and that has inhibited me from expanding until now. And my other personal responsibilities are also keeping me from expanding right now, too.

      I love peas and beans. I would grow 2 other varieties, if I could figure out how to grow them and keep them pure. When I expand the garden, I should be able to get those 2 in the ground without worrying about my seed purity.

  3. How pretty! The butterfly watering station is very clever.

  4. Your gardens are beautiful with a lovely mix of ornamentals!

    I can understand not having enough sunlight to expand your gardening area, we had to cut down a very large tree before expanding our garden.

    1. Thank you, Phuong. I sure would love to expand. Maybe next year.

  5. I love how you mix ornamental and edible garden, it's very pretty. I wish I can give you some of our sunlight, we are too hot and sunny here.