Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Survived Ice in South Alabama

Talking with people who have lived here all their lives, I learned that there has never been this much ice at one time in any of their lifetimes. (The oldest one I talked with was almost 80, and she has lived here since the 1950's.)

We had over one inch of ice in our backyard. Because our local weather people predicted the storm, schools were closed, and many businesses closed. We didn't have the terrible problems seen on TV in Atlanta and Birmingham, where people were snowed into their cars, and had to abandon cars and walk home, students stuck in schools, etc.

For 3 full days the ice lay on the ground. Today the weather is shirt sleeve weather, but even today there are many places still with white on them.

These pictures show  the progression from sleet to freezing rain to over an inch accumulation
of freezing rain.

The birds stayed at the feeder.  (You have to remember that this is the
winter migration point for many birds.) This was the first day. 
This was the second day.  
This is my poor garden. I broke through the ice to try to show you how
thick it was everywhere. It is over an inch thick. 
My kids had a good time in the ice. It wasn't good for snowmen, but worked great
for sliding down hills. (Getting up them was another story.)

Here's another picture of my kids in the ice. 
I have 3 kids, so I wanted all of the kids in at least one picture.

We have only had five snow storms recorded since 1973, the weather man said before the storm came in. Well, they have never had one with this much ice (or one with only ice). This would explain the use of laundry baskets and kickboards to slide down the hills. :)

The pictures look white like this was snow, but it wasn't snow at all.

I am glad it is gone.


  1. Ice is worse than snow. At least you can shovel snow. Ice has to melt.

    1. You are right, Daphne. I don't like it. The kids had fun, but I don't like it. I am glad it's gone.

  2. That was quite an ice storm for people that are not use to it. We have snow and more snow and more to come!! I hope I don't lose too many of my perennials, bushes and trees. Has been quite cold at times. Nancy

    1. It was terrible for me, but the kids loved it. I hope I don't lose too many of my plants, either. We have many tropical and subtropical plants in our garden (and usually it's not a problem) but it may be this year. It is too early to tell. We will have to wait for spring to see.

  3. Being from the snowy north, I have to admit I was clueless about "ice storms" until one of my best buddies moved to Arkansas. She taught me about them. Up here it would just snow. We might get ice, but as far as I know, we never get JUST ice. What a world. I'm glad your kiddos enjoyed on their improvised sleds. And, for your sake, I am glad its gone, too.