Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Has Grown in My Life Since I Started Gardening--You Can Grow That

I have been thinking this month about all the things that have grown in my life since I started gardening two years ago.

    I knew I would buy less green beans, since I grow green beans. What I didn't know was that I would buy less hamburger meat.
      I knew I would buy less canned green beans. I didn't know I wouldn't buy any frozen vegetables. Or cook any of the frozen vegetables I already had on hand. Instead, I would be trying to eat up the vegetables that came from the garden.
      I didn't know that I would have to buy salad fixings in order to face yet another salad.
      I didn't know that I would end up eating way more than "5 a day" just to keep up with the garden.
      I didn't know I would coerce my family to eat vegetables "just so we can use it up. I have so many_____."
      I didn't know that people would give me their garden excess, thinking that if I garden, I would actually eat it.

    A bushel of pink eye purple hull peas brought to my door last week. 
      I didn't know that some of the things planted on a whim would give the most joy. 

    Mississippi Cream Peas make me smile every time I go to the
      I didn't know if my kids would actually eat more vegetables if we had a garden. But they do!
      I was surprised to find out that my husband will eat more vegetables, too, if they are here in the house straight from the garden. 

    • The whole family has gained better health because of the increased amount of vegetables. 

    • I have gained better health because of the vegetables and the exercise.

    • My children and I have learned a great deal about nature. It is a fascinating science experiment to watch corn grow and discuss the parts of the corn plant, watch bees almost make themselves sick buzzing all over the pollen on the corn, try to fight aphids and much more. 
    • Nature observation has also come in other forms. I am fond of watching hummingbirds flit in and out of my flowers, just in front of the house. 
    Hummingbird on my gladiolus

    You can find out about the 4 Words on the Fourth: You Can Grow That program by clicking on the link.

    So what has grown in your life since you began gardening? 
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  1. LOVE the hummingbird photo. How cool was that to see in person? WOW! c:

    1. Thanks. My family really enjoys seeing them flitting by the front garden bed.

  2. Our experiences are very similar, although no one gives me peas unfortunately. I think the biggest thing to grow since beginning gardening is my appreciation of plants, how they grow, how they reproduce - the whole process really which I find endlessly fascinating. That and my knowledge of bugs.

    1. I think my appreciation of plants has increased, too. And my knowledge of bugs. I still have bugs that I can't identify, but now I care what they are and whether they are "good" or "bad" (for the garden.)

      I was so grateful for the bushel of peas. The lady who brought them to us had more than she wanted and knew we would eat them, since we garden. Yay!

  3. OK, I am jealous of that bushel of purple hulls. Very nice indeed.

    My faith has grown since I started gardening, my faith in God and how perfect he created this world. It blows my mind how seeds planted in the ground become plants and those plants become food. How everything works together, only God could have created it.

    My appreciation has grown for those that farm for a living. It makes me appreciate how difficult a living that must be to make.

    My desire to eat healthier and eat different vegetables has grown since I have started gardening. I had never eaten eggplant until I grew it. I had never eaten tomatoes (crazy I know), but now I love BLT's.

    My desire to slow down in this fast paced, got to have it now, facebook, social media, 24x7 world has increased since I have started gardening. Gardening has taught me to have more patience and to appreciate all that God has blessed me with.

    1. Thanks (about the purple hull peas.) She really is a good friend to me. :)

      Wow. The things you thought of that have grown in your life are better than the ones I listed. I certainly agree. All the things you list have grown in my life, too. God's perfect will--when seen through the lens of a garden, everything really does work together for good.

      I, too, have really gained a new respect for those who farm for a living.

      And the desire to slow down in this fast paced society, to have patience, to appreciate what God has blessed me with, these are great things, too.

      I sure am glad I posted this. I have been thinking about it for over a month. With the responses, I am seeing new things, things I had never thought of.

    2. Thanks to you for posting it, got me thinking too. :)

  4. Once hooked on fresh home-grown produce, it's hard to eat anything else. The flavor and texture is so superior!

  5. Gardening revives all different kinds of health, doesn't it? Since I held my nose and jumped, my health, my attitude, my spiritual life and my connection to friends and family are so much deeper and satisfying. Great post

    1. Benita Bowen, it sure does. My health, my attitudes, my spiritual life and my connections to friends and neighbors has really improved, too. Those are great points. I am glad you added them.

  6. I know my family and I eat more veggies when grown in our garden. Sharing the harvests does bring a satisfaction to one's self.

    I've never heard of those kind of cream peas. I will have to check them out!

    1. Thanks, Lisa B. I bought those cream peas from St. Clare Seeds. http://www.stclareseeds.com