Friday, June 22, 2012

Saving Seed From Cucumbers

Last week when we got so much rain,  I missed a cucumber in the garden. It turned yellow and swollen before I saw it. I had not planned on saving seeds from my cucumbers, but I only planted one variety, and the cucumber was at the stage needed to save seed. I decided to go ahead and save seeds from it. I thought you might like to see how to save seed from cucumbers.

Cucumbers are pollinated by bees, so you can only save pure seed if you only plant one variety. Otherwise, the likelihood of crossing is high.

This is what a cucumber looks like when ready to save seed.

Cut the cucumber in half and scoop the seeds from the 2 halves. 

Put the pulp in a bowl.

Add water, and pull off as much of the pulpy stuff as possible with your fingers. Leave
the water in the bowl, and the seeds in the bowl.
You will probably want to do this next part in the garage; it
stinks. Leave this water and seed and pulp mixture in the bowl
for 3 days, stirring once a day to separate the seeds from the pulp.

After three days, add a lot of water to this mixture and carefully pour off the lighter stuff. The good seeds sink to the bottom. Repeat this process several times with a full bowl of water each time, until your water runs clear.

Carefully pour off the last of the water.

The cleaned seeds will look like this.
Dry your seeds on a brown paper bag, or a piece of cardboard for several days until thoroughly dry. Place in a paper envelope and label.

I think it is kind of exciting to learn to save seeds from different plants. I have really enjoyed these cucumbers this year, and now I can really enjoy them next year, too. 


  1. Thank you for the post. I'm trying to save seeds from several different plants this year for the first time so I appreciate this advice. I will try it out and see how things go!!

    1. I am glad I was able to help someone. It's all new to me, too. :) Good luck. Let me know what happens.

  2. We tried to grow cucumbers two years ago, and they all looked like that - short, and yellow. We had purchased the plants at the garden center and the tag showed green cucumbers! We couldn't figure it out. Then last year we saw a variety that apparently was supposed to be yellow - hmm - we didn't buy those, but we still ended up with short yellow cucumbers. We are not growing cucumbers this year! I've enjoyed looking at all of the veggies you're growing!

    1. Sara, that is unusual. I know there is a variety that grows yellow, but my cucumbers only went yellow if they were too ripe to eat fresh. How did your cucumbers taste when they were yellow? Were they good?

      Thank you for stopping by and saying you enjoyed looking at all the veggies I am growing.