Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flowers and Passion Fruit

We have had about 2 inches of rain since I reported the inch of rain on Monday. Praise the Lord!

Everything is perking right up after that wonderful rain.

My kids have seen the hummingbirds more than I have. They have seen them 4 or 5 times. I was worried about pollination on the Scarlet Runners, because I haven't seen many bees, either, yet this year. In several places, the places where there were flowers now look like this. Just a nub.

But today I found this.

Do you see those 2 little baby beans right in the center of the picture? I have several more that look like that. So I am hopeful that we will get to eat some scarlet runner beans. (We plan to use them as shelly beans, because I had heard they taste similar to butterbeans and my crew likes those pretty well.)

In the Twenty Foot Garden, I have been watching my green beans. Today I saw the first flowers. Yea. We may be eating fresh organic green beans soon.

Then, just after I lay my youngest down for her afternoon nap, I got a call. "Do you think I could stop by?" Dot Dot wanted to know. "Sure. Come on," I said. 

She came and brought me red passion fruit vines! Woot! Woot!
Now to just get these planted. 

And here are the purple ones she gave me a couple weeks ago.
They still look weak, but they still seem to be hanging in there.
The rain does seem to have perked them up some. 
It is great to have friends willing to share pass-along plants with you. :) 


  1. I am so jealous! We have not had any rain this month and it does not look like we will get any in the near future. I love passion fruit vines but I don't really have a place for them at our new house. Maybe next year.

    1. I shocked my elderly neighbor yesterday, because I did a jig on the sidewalk when it started raining. :)

      I am sorry you are not getting any rain. Last year was like that for us, too. And this year there has been a drought, but it isn't as severe (so far) as last year's. I say this to say that I can relate to the drought worries.

      I was reading your blog today. You are really working hard on the yard. Maybe you'll suddenly think of a place for the passion fruit vine. :)

  2. I'm so glad you posted these pictures today. Your runner beans are a little ahead of mine so I have something to look forward to! Mine haven't bloomed yet and are a tangley mess, since I planted too many and didn't give each one an individual support. They're growing up a bamboo trellis teepee. When they start blooming, I'll be posting a pic on planetpooks.

    1. I planted 3 per invisible line of 60 pound fishing wire my husband connected from the ground to the underside of the roof.

      I can't wait to see how yours do. I am very happy with them. I haven't ever planted them before (or known anyone who did), but they sure are pretty.

  3. When you get rain you really do get rain don't you, around here a lot of rain is more like half an inch or at the most a whole inch - 2 is great.